She Got Game is the story of a young woman searching to reconnect with the world of video games. Once she had loved that world, but it seemed to be made by men, for men. Fed up with media buzz treating women only as victims, she wants to understand what keeps women gamers going. How are they carving out space in the industry? What are their sources of persistence and resilience?

Toronto to Montreal, New York to Tokyo, she talks, plays and works with women who are reinventing the ways we think about games and the social climate. On route, the would-be gamer is herself changed as she tackles questions of human agency, community and the biggest one of all--what it really means to be heroic.

She Got Game is distributed by VTAPE, Canada's leading artist-run, not-for-profit distributor of video art. Please contact Vtape directly for information on obtaining a copy for gallery or educational screenings.

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