The Home Stretch

Hey everyone,

It’s JUNE! And while June means BBQs, patios, camping and many other exciting things, this year it also means the completion of She Got Game. Unbelievable. So let me tell you where things are with the project:

Last week was very special for me because I did a pre-screening for a group of women filmmakers in Montreal. It was not the official premiere since I’m still tweaking things in post-production, but it was amazing to share my work with an audience for the first time. It was also important to meet other women who are doing the same kind of work and who I can learn from and collaborate with in the future!

After a year and a half of working on the film, it feels like it's been in my life forever, but these ladies reminded me that's actually a really short turn around time for a film (one of them is in year 10 of production!) I’m also preparing for the DVD front cover photo shoot in collaboration with photographer Saajid Motala.