Ever clicked on a sexy “male gamers only” ad? I have…

My adventures in the land of "adult online gaming..."

Anyone who's posted on YouTube hoping to maximize their views understands that sometimes you’ve got to hand over the controls. At the risk of deterring your audience, you agree to let the YouTube gods run ads at the start of your videos in hope of expanding your audience.  

Now I can tolerate it when they post cheesy local commercials about canine toothpaste—after all it doesn’t have any connection to the content of our project. But, alas, the Internet is capable of such irony. I’ve noticed that lately our videos have been draped with ads for pseudo-sexy adult gaming sites…and this I find down right hilarious. I guess the computer put two key words together: “women” and “gaming.”

So anyway, lying pitifully in bed with a fever, I let my curiosity get the better of me and I click on the link to play League of Angels:


 Am I alone here? No need to be shy, cause now you know I’ve played it too! As the host of She Got Game, I decided it was my responsibility to do proper research—to really know what’s out there.

Upon first glance, this fantasy world is lovely—glowing, lush landscapes accompanied by a sentimental soundtrack (Miyazaki meets Enya?) You start off as a male hero learning the back story, but you can choose your own avatar for actual game play. There’s a male and female version of each (race? class?) though I must say the men have that androgynous anime-style sex appeal. I choose a woman, just because. I’m told to “choose an angel to bond with and increase her level.” Behold Nocturna, my guardian and aid in all of the battles:

I start off by exploring with Nocturna, but I can barely get anywhere. The game keeps leading me back to this battle arena where I duke it out with some gross-looking monster, but I don’t actually have control of the moves—the computer does all the work for me. I decide I need to stir the pot and make things interesting, so I approach someone with a flashier outfit (hmm…someone of a higher rank? You’ve got more clothes at any rate). I try to squeeze some newbie advice out of her, but she doesn’t respond to my chat. Oh well! Fact is I’m getting bored. I get a few friend requests, but there’s no interaction.

I finally figure out the way to customize my character. My options: wings and clothing (under the category of “Bling”) and a wedding ring (huh?) which it appears I’m still too poor to purchase. What’s the deal with that!? I’m too impatient to find out through game play so I look it up. AMAZING:

From the official website:

Players that are lucky enough to have found their soul mate in League of Angels are now able to get hitched. Requirements:
Both parties need to be single. You can use Sex Change Card to change your character’s gender.
It must be a heterosexual marriage.
Both parties need to reach at least Level 40.
Both parties need to be online.
Both parties need to be on each other’s friendlist.
At least 1999 Intimacy points.
At least one set of wedding rings.

Wow! Who knew that when they clicked on the busty, elfen-looking lady they were really getting set up for the long term!? Not exactly what I'd expected. And just take a look at all the conditions for marriage.....if only we had to jump through so many hoops in real life. 

All in all, very Intriguing--mostly because the game does not offer as much immediate gratification as I had expected; it requires patience and uh...relationship building. As much as it might not be my taste, I think I'll continue this sexy online adventure, if only to update you on what it's like "for educational purposes." Then again if you're in the mood for something highly entertaining, why not?