Awkward Zombie: Something that'll make your day!


In light of still being on the road, I decided that this week should be a fun "vacation from blogging" week. Whether you're secretly reading this at work, or on your phone on the bus, or just at home in your living room, I want to wish you a happy Thursday by sharing my favourite excerpts form Awkward Zombie!!!

Last month I met Katie Tiedrich, the fantastic auteur behind the comics, at ConBravo in Hamilton. I found her very charming and easy to talk to. She has a totally laid back and macabre-but-cute sense of humour which I'm quite in to. AND a lot of her in-jokes are Nintendo-related which is just great. 

So enjoy! And definitely check out the rest of Katie's work. If you love it, post it on your friend's wall! Or even better, ORDER SWEET PRINTS! Ok now for the comics.

Katie commented: 

"The original female vampire costume in Bravely Default was actually considered TOO SEXY for American eyeballs, so the localized version of the game threw some more layers on there! I guess it's still supposed to be way hot, but I thought it was funny that it was also the class that mimics gross monster attacks like barf jets."

How you feel when you're playing Fallout:

No caption necessary!

...and 2 Zelda ones since I'm doing the picking:

That's it for today! Enjoy your Thursday and don't forget to tell the world about Awkward Zombie!!!